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CoC required for the sale of your property or for insurance purposes?

 Certificate of Compliance







If you have an existing gas installation, We have to send a licensed installer who will come out and asses and certify your existing installation.

The callout, inspection and the cost of the Certificate of Compliance for an installation that consists of 1 x  Appliance is R950. (Please note, R150 will be charged for every additional appliance added to the CoC).

So, if your installation that consists of 1 x Appliance is compliant you are looking at R950.00. If it isn't compliant then we charge the R650.00 callout and we will issue you with a report / quotation to rectify any non-compliance issues. If minor changes are needed such as a pigtail or orange hose replacement , We discuss the replacement pricing on the spot and complete the necessary work so we can issue the CoC.

The Installation must be 100% compliant. There is no 'Almost' in gas certification. We have to follow the regulation specs as per SANS as we don't make the rules.


Not to sure if your installation is compliant? You can contact us or visit our gas regulations page for more information.