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    At The LpGas Man, we are dedicated to providing expert gas installation and repair services. Our team of experienced professionals can offer a variety of gas solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a new gas appliance installation, a gas line repair, or a gas leak detection and repair, we have the skills and knowledge to get the job done right.

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    Are you in need of a gas Certificate of Conformity (CoC)?

    Our team of professionals can inspect your gas installation and ensure it complies with industry standards. Having a gas CoC is important for various reasons, including satisfying requirements for household insurance, property sale, and bond registration/Transfer.

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    Making changes to your gas supply doesn’t need to be stressful. We want to make things as simple as we possibly can.

    There are many reasons why you might need to have a gas supply upgraded or altered.

    Whatever the reason for the works, we’ll take care of everything.

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    The LpGas Man, your trusted source for over a decade in top-notch gas installations and services. With a rich history of expertly handling LP gas-related projects, we're thrilled to announce our new online store, offering a wide range of high-quality products for your convenience.

    Join us in this exciting new chapter and Experience the ease of online shopping.

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Looking to buy or install a new or old appliance unit? We can assist

Install Your Gas Hob/Stove Today and Save!

A gas stove/hob is a must have for any home chef. The clean, even heat and quick ignition make it a superior choice to electric burners. Plus, there's something satisfying about the sound of the gas lighting up as you cook. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out in the kitchen, a gas cooktop stove is a great investment. These highly efficient appliances save you time and money. We offer professional installations and top-quality gas safe approved appliances of all brands.

What best suits me?

When it comes to selecting a gas geyser, it's important to consider your budget, hot water needs, and personal preferences. To ensure you make the best decision for your situation, we recommend doing some research below and considering the advantages and disadvantages for each type of gas geyser.

If you would like expert assistance, our team of highly qualified gas technicians is here to help. With years of experience in the field, we can provide knowledgeable guidance and help you choose the gas geyser that best meets your requirements. Contact us today to learn more.

Standard or manual gas geysers

These types of gas geysers are the most basic and traditional type of gas water heater and range from 6 litres to 20 litres per a minute.

They use a manual control system to regulate the temperature of the water. The user will need to manually adjust the temperature setting as needed.

These types of gas geysers are typically less expensive than other types but may require more frequent adjustments to maintain a consistent water temperature.

Pros and cons of standard gas geysers:


  • Cost-effective water heating solution
  • Easy to operate
  • Can be set to different water temperatures for winter and summer


  • Cannot provide hot water to multiple taps simultaneously
  • Cannot be set to a specific temperature
  • May not be able to supply hot water to upstairs areas due to water pressure limitations
  • May require a weather cover for outdoor installation
  • Must be installed with a flue pipe for proper flue extraction
  • Sensitive to water pressure fluctuations, which can affect the consistency of the water temperature.

Overall, standard gas geysers can be a cost-effective option for households with relatively low hot water demand. However, they may not be the most suitable choice for larger households or for those who require a consistent water temperature and high hot water flow rate.

Constant temperature gas geysers

This unit uses a thermostat to automatically maintain a consistent water temperature flow. The water temperature remains constant and does not fluctuate like it can with standard or manuel water heaters. It can provide a more comfortable and consistent showering experience for the user. The unit has a higher effeciantcy rating as they dont need to be constantly adjusted.

Heres some points to consider:

  • Energy efficiency: Constant water heaters only heat water when it is needed, which can save energy and reduce monthly utility bills.
  • Compact size: Constant water heaters are smaller in size compared to traditional tank-style water heaters, making them a good choice for small homes or apartments with limited space.
  • Multiple units may be needed: If you have a high hot water demand, you may need to install multiple constant water heaters to meet your needs.

Overall, constant water heaters can be a suitable option for a single bathroom , Building extensions , domestic room, outside shower etc

Forced fan gas geysers

A gas fan forced water heater is a type of gas water heater that uses a fan to force hot air into a heating chamber which allows for faster hot water delivery.

They are typically more expensive than other types of gas geysers but may be a good choice for households with a high hot water demand.

This type of water heater has several benefits, including:

  • High efficiency: Gas fan forced water heaters are very gas efficient, as the fan helps to evenly distribute heat throughout the heating chamber. This means that less gas is needed to heat the water to the desired temperature.
  • Precise temperature control: With a gas fan forced water heater, you can precisely set the water temperature to your desired level. This is not possible with some other types of water heaters, which may not have a temperature control dial.
  • Not sensitive to water pressure: Gas fan forced water heaters are not sensitive to fluctuating water pressure, which means that you can expect consistent hot water at the set tempreture regardless of the pressure in your water line.
  • Long warranty: Many gas fan forced water heaters come with a warranty, which can provide peace of mind and protection against any potential defects or issues with the unit.
  • Able to provide hot water to multiple points or to an upstairs bathroom.
  • Can be connected to a solar water system as an alernative on those cloudy days. The unit will turn on if it detects the current flow of water has dropped below a set tempreture.This ensures a constant delivery of hot water.
  • Gas fan forced water heaters do not require a flue pipe, which means that they can be installed in a wider range of locations.

However, there are also some downsides to consider:

  • Require an electrical connection to power the computer, 12 volt fan and the igniters. We sell battery ups systems so you not affected during loadshedding
  • Typically the most expensive type of gas water heater, so they may not be a feasible option for everyone.

Gas Braai/Grill πŸ–

Gas Braai / BBQ grill

Get the best of both worlds with a Gas Braai / BBQ grill! The quick and easy open flame cooking combined with the convenience of gas fuel is a game changer. No more fussing with charcoal or firenlighters – just turn on the gas and get cooking! Plus, with our professional installation services, you can be sure your Gas Braai / BBQ grill is fully compliant and ready for all your outdoor cooking needs. We offer gas braai's / grills in our shop. Give us a call today to learn more!

Gas Fireplace πŸͺ”

Get yours today

Upgrade your home heating with the convenience and efficiency of a gas fireplace. Simply flick a switch to enjoy a warm and clean-burning fire, with up to 90% efficiency and minimal pollution. No logs or wood are required, and there's no smoke or fumes to worry about.

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Gas fireplaces provide a steady and continuous heat source and are easy to maintain, making them a hassle-free choice for any home. It also has a added safety feature of a thermocouple that shuts off the gas supply if the flame is extinguished. You can have peace of mind while enjoying your fireplace. Visit our online store or Contact the professionals at The LpGas Man to find the perfect gas fireplace for your home

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Gas for all.

Never go without hot water, the ability to cook, heating or lights during load shedding – go with gas! With a reliable gas connection, you'll have access to hot water, the ability to cook, gas heaters/fireplace and electricity from a gas generator no matter what's happening with the electricity grid. Plus, gas appliances are typically more efficient than electric ones, saving you money on energy costs. Don't let load shedding disrupt your daily routine – choose gas! Visit our online store or Contact the professionals at The LpGas Man to find the perfect setup for your home

We follow the law βš–οΈ

At The LpGas Man, we are committed to following the law and upholding industry standards in all of our work. As registered Lp Gas Installers, we adhere to the South African National Standards (SANS) codes for appliance approval and certification (SANS 1539) and gas installation (SANS 10087-1:2013). We also comply with the Pressure Equipment Regulation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSCA), ensuring that our work is safe and meets all necessary health and safety requirements. Trust us to handle your gas installation and repair needs with professionalism and expertise.

For more information about minimum distances and other regulations, please follow the link below. This will provide you with important information about ensuring the safe and proper installation guidlines that we follow.

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