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Gas Hobs , Stoves, Gas Geysers, Gas Heaters, Gas Braai’s, Gas Fireplaces, Gas Underfloor Heating and Gas Heat Pumps

A Certificate of conformity will be issued with each and every new gas installation.



· Gas Line Layout

· Cylinder Placement

· Quantity of Cylinders and Gas Required

· Inspecting installations and upgrading if necessary to comply with the legal requirements/regulations.



Why do we have to have a registered installer?

• It is part of the national health and safety act, therefore it is a legal requirement/regulation.

• Only person who can issue a certificate of compliance.

• For your own safety, would you get a plumber to do your electrical work? 


 Why do we need a certificate of compliance?

• For your insurance. In the event of a fire and the cause is from an unregistered installation your insurance would be void.

• Needed when selling a property.


 Where can we put the cylinders?

• 1 meter from the door, 1 meter from a window.

• 2 meters from a open drain, 5 meters from a switchable electrical point.


This is a basic guide line, a registered installer will help you with the cylinder placement. Please refer to our regulations page for more information.

Each gas installation is safe and completed in accordance to the regulations of both the South African National Standard (SANS: 10087) and the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of South Africa (LPGSA).


No job is too big or too small.
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