Gas External Installation kit Single Cylinder

Single Cylinder Setup

* 300mm Pigtail
* Astro low pressure wall mounted regulator + Bracket
* Straight Male 12/16 x 3/8
* 5m PEX - AL - PEX PIPE 12/16 Gas line. Additional @R75/m
* 2 Pex Elbows 12/16. Additional Elbows @R75/Elbow
* Emergency Shutoff Valve 12/16 Pex
* LPG Gas Emergency Shutoff Valve Plate
* Hosetail 12/16 Pex
* 2m Orange Hose + Clamps
* 1m Chain and anchor
* Conduit Sleeve + Brackets
* Core Drill Through Wall Partition
* Labour
* Issue Lp Gas CoC ( Certificate of Conformity )

Duel Cylinder setups are available at an additional cost.

* Cage and Cylinder not included. Optional Extra

  • The above breakdown may vary slightly as we use different forms of connections and pipe sizing for different appliances.
  • While the installation of a gas cages is not always required, it may be used in certain circumstances. For example, if a gas cylinder is located under a window. A gas cage is used to reduce the horizontal distance between the window and the cylinder from 3 meters down to 600mm. This provides an additional layer of safety. If you don't need a cage but would like a cage installed with a new or existing installation for added protection, We offer a variety of gas cage sizes and styles.
  • Visit our gas regulations page for ideas on a cylinder placement.

Internal Kit Breakdown

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As a renowned provider of gas installations, our team with years of experiance are highly skilled and fully registered technicians are dedicated to following all applicable regulations and best practices to guarantee the excellence and safety of our services and our clients. We offer personalized consultations to assist you in determining the most suitable gas line layout and cylinder placement for your specific needs and requirements. With a deep understanding that each customer has distinctive needs, we adopt a customized approach to every project By closely collaborating with you to comprehend your unique requirements. We can deliver tailored solutions that fulfill your needs and surpass your expectations.

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We follow the law

At The LpGas Man, we are committed to following the law and upholding industry standards in all of our work. As registered Lp Gas Installers, we adhere to the South African National Standards (SANS) codes for appliance approval and certification (SANS 1539) and gas installation (SANS 10087-1:2013). We also comply with the Pressure Equipment Regulation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSCA), ensuring that our work is safe and meets all necessary health and safety requirements. Trust us to handle your gas installation and repair needs with professionalism and expertise.

For more information about minimum distances and other regulations, please follow the link below. This will provide you with important information about ensuring the safe and proper installation guidlines that we follow.

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