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PALOMA 27 LITRE INTERNAL GAS GEYSER – PH-27RDE – Only available for Natural Gas

PALOMA 27 LITRE INTERNAL GAS GEYSER – PH-27RDE – Only available for Natural Gas

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The Paloma PH-27 is a high-capacity internal gas geyser delivering 27 L/min of hot water. Ideal for large households and commercial use, it's compact and versatile with a balanced flue system. It can supply 3-4 bathrooms and 1 kitchen, or two units can be linked for even higher demand (54 L/min).

Product Overview:

  • With a rich history dating back to 1930, these geyser models are proudly crafted in Japan.
  • Paloma offers specialized 20l, 26l & 27l versions tailored to the unique South African climate and altitude variations.
  • These versatile geysers are capable of running on both LP Gas and Natural Gas sources.
  • Enjoy the convenience of supplying hot water to multiple outlets simultaneously.
  • These geysers feature electric ignition and are adaptable to generator, inverter, and Computer UPS setups.
  • Designed exclusively for indoor installation and require a flue pipe (sold separately).
  • Paloma units can be seamlessly integrated into existing or new solar systems to enhance or back up solar-generated hot water.
  • Equipped with Flamesafe Protection Systems, which autonomously shut down the geyser in case of a fault.
  • An optional Remote Control is available, allowing for easy temperature adjustments. Deluxe controllers even offer a 'Bath Fill' mode and additional safety features.
  • Utilize the EZ-Link functionality to connect two geysers for increased hot water flow.
  • Intelligent hot water delivery, featuring sensor-controlled heating to maintain a consistent water temperature while optimizing gas usage.
  • A sensor-monitored water pressure system automatically adjusts water pressure entering the geyser.
  • Troubleshooting made simple with the LED Error Code Display.
  • The ICAD Safety sensor actively monitors combustion products, ensuring automatic shut-off in case of excessive levels, preventing harmful emissions.
  • Warranty coverage includes 10 years for the Heat Exchanger unit, 3 years for all piping, and 1 year for electronic components. 
  • Using borehole water with the Paloma WILL void the warranty on the Heat Exchanger.
  • The unit must be installed correctly by a qualified gas technician with a CoC for warranty purposes


Technical Specifications: 
  • These geysers deliver a flow capacity ranging from 2.5 to 27 liters per minute.
  • Gas combustion rates vary between LPG and NG, with LPG consumption ranging from 0.3 to 4.1 kg/hr.
  • Electrical consumption stands at 67 watts at 230v.
  • Ignition and combustion are managed by a continuous electronic spark system with a low NOx emission burner.
  • Maintain a minimum water pressure of 80 kPa and a maximum of 1000 kPa.
  • Gas and water connections are compatible with ¾” or 20mm fittings.


  • Height: 565mm
  • Width: 350mm
  • Depth: 195mm
  • Weight: 20.8 kg

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